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GOP and Trump
GOP dilemma
The Choke Hold
Dem GOP Rorschach Test
LOCAL NC Trump Burr Tillis
The In Deep State
Whistleblower complaint and GOP
LOCAL PA Pot versus booze
Trump Giuliani and Ukraine
The Extortion President
The Extortion President
Trump Support
Republican Black Face
Trump releases transcript of Ukraine Call
The Trump Effect
Assault Weapon Wins
Whistleblowing Past the Graveyard
Cold Dead Hands
LOCAL NC Redistricting and the GOP
LOCAL NC Sneak Veto Override
Trump Base Cargo Ship
Mark Sanford GOP
LOCAL NC Gerrymander ruled unconstitutional
LOCAL PA Sexual harassment in the legislature
Mitch McConnell
Emperor's Clothes
Russian Election Meddling
Amazonian Fires
Trade Wars Are Easy To Win
Trump Economic Storm
2020 Decisions
Biden Gaffe Machine
DeSantis Puppeteer FLORIDA
Trumpnobyl Reactor Melting Down
Conspiracy Fearist
LOCAL NC Red Flag Laws