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New Orleans Evolution
What Went Wrong
Big Easiers
Levee of Lame Excuses
Levee of Lame Excuses --
All Roads Lead to New Orleans /
Rescue Effort
Hurricane Blame
The Government We Have
National Guard Redeployment
Katrinas horn
Bush in Louisiana
Leftovers from Iraq --
Leftovers from Iraq
Disaster Response
Slow Response to Katrina
The pressure cooker
Let me hear you say YEAH
CANADA Promised Aid
CANADA Budget Tax Relief
Tsunami Envy
While we were watching the tsunami
Tsunami money pledged
Bush Heaven
CANADA Bush Heaven
Tsunami Relief
Have A Ball
US Aid Tsunami
CANADA Disaster Relief Team
CANADA Asia Disaster Relief/ Illustration
UN paralyzed in Iraq
Visit to Sudan
CANADA Money Storm
Bush in Africa
Bush in Africa
AIDS Drugs for Africa
AIDS Drugs for Africa