in Cartoons

TRUE Smoking Complaints
TRUE Watching TV Burns Calories
TRUE Birds Cause Lung Cancer
TRUE Chefs Use Too Much Salt
TRUE Hip Measurements Over Time
TRUE Heal Slowly With Stress
TRUE Eat Off Another Plate
TRUE Pied Piper Cigarette Kids
TRUE Sugar Helps Memory
TRUE No Exercise
TRUE High School In
TRUE Sugar Content
TRUE Teens Prefer Company of Friends
TRUE Eavesdropping
TRUE College Drunks
TRUE Read a Map
TRUE Crooks Kids School
TRUE Clean Our Plates
TRUE Gum Under Desks
TRUE Are We There Yet
TRUE All Kinds of Spanking
TRUE Adult Kids in Bed
TRUE Hysterical Women's Chest Pains
TRUE Fat Woman Run Over by Truck
TRUE Termite Farts
TRUE Stairstepper Lean and Calories
TRUE PMS Salmon and Ice Cream
TRUE Kisses and Calories
TRUE Headache Reasons
TRUE French Stink Le Pew
TRUE Salad Dressing Calories
TRUE Fat Girls and Short Boys Suffer
TRUE Lotto Electrocution
TRUE Long Elderly Ears
TRUE Eat the Most on Saturday
TRUE Fat Jetsons
TRUE Fat College Expenses
TRUE eat vegetables Smerty
TRUE Diet Dumb
TRUE Dentist Bad Breath