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Christine O'Donnell and witchcraft
Democrat Dude
Democrat Dude
Christine O'Donnell donor form
Christine O'Donnell donor form
Tea Party ringmaster
Tea Party ringmaster
Boehner and Party of Maybe
Boehner and Party of Maybe
Youre invading congress
The Superpower
Backseat moderate -- color
Backseat moderate
Harper The sad cheerleader
Id sure hate to be in Bushs shoes now
Thank You For Voting-
Thank You For Voting-GRAY
Kerry the cheerleader
Kerry the cheerleader -- color
Kerry Joke Two
Post-Election Plan
Youre completely caked in MUD
Take a good look while you can
Balloon Race
Congressional scandals
Congressional scandals -- color
But does this mean I should resign
Congress Adjourns
Feeling safer now
Feeling safer now -- color
Mandate- Expiration Date
Lipstick on the War Pig
We are a nation at war
Kiss Kiss
Minimum Wage
Failed Launch
Democrats want to cut and run
Politics of Fear
OUr job in Iraq is not yet complete