in Cartoons

TRUE - More Afraid of Fat
TRUE - Men Guns and Ballet
TRUE - Men and Bad Laundry
TRUE - Married Couples Fight
TRUE - Lasoo a Man
TRUE - Forgive Husband Infidelity
TRUE - Eye Other Women
TRUE - Dweeb Better then Hunk
TRUE - Choose Chocolate Over Sex
TRUE - Bad Drinking Habits
TRUE - Unopened Mail
TRUE - TV Watching
TRUE - Rural Nail Polish
TRUE - Remove Tattoos
TRUE - Preferred Paintings
TRUE - Poor Jugglers
TRUE - No Opera for Young
TRUE - House Cleaning
TRUE - Hard to Figure the Tip
TRUE - Fruitcake Re-Gifting
TRUE - Die Falling Out of Bed
TRUE - Cursing at Traffic
TRUE - Curse Once Per Hour
TRUE - Alien Abductions and Los Angeles
TRUE - Why Teens Drink
TRUE - What Daryl Does on Toilet
TRUE - Turkey Hotline
TRUE - Superman Underwear
TRUE - Save a Seat
TRUE - Rap White People
TRUE - No Time - Hamster Wheel
TRUE - New York Pizza
TRUE - Naked Pizza Delivery
TRUE - French Vanilla Gasoline
TRUE - Do While Driving
TRUE - CA Valley Slang
TRUE - Airplane Worries
TRUE - Tony the Tiger and Charlie the Tuna
TRUE - Americans Injured by Toilets
TRUE - 3 Stooges and SCOTUS