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McCain TV tributes and Trump
Labor Day and Congress
School bus safety
Aretha Franklin tribute
Heartless Donald Melania and Ivanka
Heartless President Trump
The Deal
GOP Compassion
Compassionate Conservative Migrants
Canada legalizes marijuana
Breaking up Families
Dad's chair
White House women
White House women
Americas Moral Compass
Gina Haspel CIA Moral Compass
Hero Captain Tammie Jo Shults
Barbara Bush tribute
EasterSecurity- Egg
The "passion" of Trump
No Bread
Pollard at Pessach
Happy Passover
Congress Has Not Passed DACA Legislation
Billy Graham tribute
Fear vs Compassion
You shall not pass
Nunes Excuses
Debt passed along
Debt passed along
Tax Bill Passed
In Memoriam
Tax Pass
Trickle Down Psycho
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
Wildfire Condolences
BREXIT talks and May
Senator McConnell Promises Swift Passage of Tax Reform Bill
Time is passing/El tiempo pasa